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~MISINTERPRETATION~ Part 1- University Politics   Leave a comment

This article is NOT anti-Pro-Mahasiswa, not even an oppressive writing.  Honestly, I am neither Pro-Aspirasi nor Pro-Mahasiswa. I am a non-partisan and I do respect both parties as both represents the ‘voices’ of those undergraduates. Hereby, I hope that Pro-Mahasiswa readers won’t be shocked or be too emotional after reading this post. 

Hi, Guys! =)

Today, I feel want to be like KAK LEHOT…. who’s wanna join me? Haha…

Today, our topic- MISINTERPRETATION – Part 1 (University Politics).

Malaysians are very prone to misinterpretation. Why? Let’s talk about anything- from business to politics- they always misinterpret things. From my observations, yes, I can confidently say that Malaysians can be easily influenced. I never say that it is a bad thing, indeed it is a right thing if it benefits. Let’s talk a little about politics here.

When I say politics, what will be inside the thought of Malaysians?

Barisan Nasional, the union of 14 political parties that rule the country since Independence

Barisan Nasional, Pakatan Rakyat, PAS-DAP-PKR…………………..

Pakatan Rakyat, the union of 3 political parties that made up the Opposition in the Parliament

Bersih 2.0 rally, elections, who will win, who will lose, democracy, change, Hudud Law…………………

DS Najib Tun Razak, DSAI, Tuan Guru Nik Aziz, Lim Kit Siang…………………..

I didn’t say it is wrong at all. Political parties are all about dimensions of thinking of the Malaysians.

But one thing that make politics dirty- actually the actions of those politicians, even university politicians. I would like to express a disagreement on the amendment of the Section 15(5) University and University Colleges Act (UUCA). According to the amendment, Undergraduates are eligible to support or to be a member of a political party.

Those so-called Pro-Mahasiswa will be the most benefiting. Pro-Mahasiswa is a ‘political party’ established in universities, and most of those are anti-establishment, which means they are good of critics. In University of Malaya, the Undergraduate Parliament consists of 23 Pro-Mahasiswas, 16 are from pro-establishment Penggerak Mahasiswa or GERAK, and 2 non-partisans.

Penggerak Mahasiswa, or GERAK, the Pro-Aspirasi movement in UM

Since the Pro-Mahasiswa reign in UM, I saw that those “Member of Parliaments” didn’t do anything, more than attending university functions, distributing surveys, making nonsense (demonstrations), making a non-workable referendums, and so on. It doesn’t limited to only UM; it is also happened in other universities especially Councils with a majority of Pro-Mahasiswas. Some pro-government bloggers predicted that there is a conspiracy between those Pro-Mahasiswa with the Opposition (Pakatan Rakyat PAS-DAP-PKR).

Pro-Mahasiswa UM


Dear Undergraduates…




Undergraduates are given the very best- freedom of speech, freedom to study, freedom to make friends and to socialize, freedom to debate… That’s what you call as ‘No Autonomy’? Bullshit.



Demonstrations, and anything alike are the WORST ways to resolve a problem. Dear Undergrads, do you know ‘win-win’? Think of a solution benefiting both parties in a problem. The Government is not your servant. They are the one that enforces the law so that we are doing the right thing. I think your parents taught you about manners, right? What’s our 4th AND 5th Rukun Negara? Oh, yes, I shouldn’t have to mention it- they are clever enough. Maybe they forgot, yeah, I understand… so let’s revise back






Demonstrations (I mean, mass, destructive demonstrations) like Bersih 2.0 violates The Rule of Law and also Morality and Decency.

What do we get from such demonstrations?


On the 23rd December after the Friday Prayers, there should be a demonstration in UM regarding the poor Wi-Fi services in UM.

But what made me shocked is that there was no demonstrators at all. Policemen were aligned in front of the mosque, and the Penggerak Mahasiswa clan hung some banners saying ‘Stop Demonstration In Campus!’. Journalists were waiting then. But, no demonstrations. Why? All the resolutions in the referendum- to ask the Students Affairs Department to return and abolish Wi-Fi fees and to upgrade Wi-Fi services- is already been discussed and yes, it’s over.

I wonder how hard it is for the Members of the Undergraduate Representative Committees especially the Pro-Mahasiswa to spend 3 hours to sit with the Student Affairs Division of UM and talk about it? No demonstrations needed. Just hand in the memorandum or do an on-paper  referendum and hand in the results!

And I wonder, for what the course of GTEE 1113 Technical Writing is taught in UM? Do you ever think about those simple things, Pro-Mahasiswas and the representatives? Why can’t you just use what you’ve learned and present it in more professional way? I will respect Pro-Mahasiswas and other representatives if you do that. From that you will show a very good example of an undergraduate- applying good things which you’ve learned- and that’s what Pro-Mahasiswa should be!

Do you need a demonstration?


For undergraduates, you are a grown-up. Don’t think that a problem can only resolved in one way. Think of a softer, kinder but more radical solution.

Next Post: MISINTERPRETATION Part 2- we will talk about students and business.

P.S: Thank you DS Najib Tun Razak for visiting UM just now. And thanks for pinching my belly 😀

143 >.<

Prince Righty I


Kau Tek Kacak??? (You think you’re good enough?)   4 comments

Hi everyone! =)

Today, I don’t feel that good, so I decide to publish an article posted in The Borneo Post, about the popular, sharp-tongued, fast-talking phenomenon named ‘Kak Lehot’. I’m a big fan of her, and I ever posted an issue in her Facebook page. Let’s read this article together.

Reality bites with Kak Lehot

A LOCAL radio station has unleashed a sharp-tongued, quick-talking phenomenon known as Kak Lehot.

Sarawakians who tune in to this particular station will attest to the hilarity, yet very real everyday issues brought up by Kak Lehot over the airwaves through a daily segment called ‘Zon Inggar bersama Kak Lehot’.

For those who do not really understand Bahasa Sarawak, ‘inggar’ basically means ‘menyampah’ in Bahasa Malaysia, and in English, it refers to things that just drive you nuts or up the wall.

Those who have never listened to Kak Lehot’s segment really should. Be warned though, that the segment is entirely in our local Bahasa Sarawak.

Even those of us who think we speak and understand Bahasa Sarawak may have a little trouble following her, as she uses ‘bahasa lama’ with words that are seldom heard these days.

The oomph factor that gets people listening and wanting more from Kak Lehot is how she ‘ngerepak’ (nags and complains) about little things that get to us everyday and eventually offers some words of wisdom in a very ‘Mak Nenek’ (grandmotherly) manner.

The humorous, but cynical way in which she approaches these issues, her unscripted and scolding words literally makes one roll over with laughter.

And yet, it gets us thinking about the reality of human behaviour and idiosyncrasies that we experience daily.

One may even accuse her of being bitchy, but really, one has to have an open mind towards criticism to appreciate the messages that Kak Lehot is trying to convey to the public.

Among the topics that Kak Lehot has given a piece of her mind on over the airwaves are abuse cases, speed demons on the road, those irritating moviegoers, lepak culture, smokers, minah rempit (yes, the female version of mat rempit), snobbishness (Lehot calls these group of people snobby) and the power hungry.

Even those who indulge in karaoke have not escaped Kak Lehot’s sharp tongue.

The Eye especially enjoyed her segments on office politics (about those who go around trying to butter up their bosses) and pengilan or wedding receptions (where guests, ladies namely, try to out-dress and out-accessorise one another).

As for her segment on the power hungry, she hit the nail on the head when she pointed out that there are those who want to head every committee available – despite not having the brains, dedication and actual leadership skills – just for the sake of ‘glamour’ and the feeling of being in power.

But just who is Kak Lehot, really? At this point, she is a faceless character with a distinct voice over the airwaves who brings us daily doses of hard hitting reality in the mornings.

Over the Internet, she is represented by a somewhat ugly caricature that somehow looks like a bespectacled dude in a red dress with his hair up in a bun. It makes one wonder if Lehot in actual fact is a dude, and not a lady.

But the little mystery adds to the appeal of Kak Lehot and her segments.

Her catchy tag-line ‘kau tek kacak?’ (loosely translated – you think you’re so good?) has become a household phrase among many locals.

But do not attempt to use it if you just can’t speak Bahasa Sarawak.

There is a particular way of saying it – the intonation has to be just right for it to bear its meaning or to get across to the person it’s meant for.

So if you’ve missed her on the airwaves, not to worry, Kak Lehot is everywhere these days and you can catch up with her words of wisdom on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

Read more:

Here’s a sample of Kak Lehot’s Zon Inggar.

Until now, there are more then 130 episodes of Zon Inggar aired, every Monday to Friday, at 730 am.

That’s all, folks!

143 >.<


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Legacy of JATTI MEIREK Tribe…   2 comments

Hi, everyone! =D

Sorry for not updating the blog for months. After matriculation, I went to a temporary job. Then, I feel really lost that I feel want to work again. On the 5th day of Eid, I left home for my beloved university where I’m doing applied chemistry, University of Malaya. Well, people come and go, and people live and die. I just never expected that I will never see my late grandmother after I left home. So, I dedicate this post to the late Hajah Semah binti Bejak (born 4 June 1925, died 19 September 2011).

She was a mother of 7 children (11 to be exact, 4 of them was dead) and a grandmother for 20 grandchildren, including me. She was a native speaker of Jatti Meirek language, which that most of the parts of the world just don’t know. There are just about 10,000 speakers of the languages, and most of them are residing in Miri.

I did some ‘research’ about the tribe actually, and it seems like the language is somewhat endangered. With only 10,000 speakers, and very small community have learned the language, it seems that (it is just my prediction) if it is not preserved and recovered, the language, the tribe and the legacy will disappear in maybe seven generations from now. The family of Daham bin Ott is one of the family that still using the language, until now.

Reflecting the history of my late grandma, she lived just beside my house, and we always had time together. I watched her selling cakes in front of my aunt’s house, and seldom, I helped her to sell the cakes, until the school bus arrived. She always complained to me that the kids who bought her cakes made her run out of coins. And, for sure I was her customer. Sometimes, she gave me free pulut panggang (grilled glutinous rice filled with shrimp sambal which cost around RM1 for four. Well, it was 10 years ago, when I was in primary school.

I saw her in her old age, she turned weak, and uncontrollable. I still remember she lost a lot of blood when she fell down a couple of years ago. She ever talked nonsense about her children and her relatives, but actually none has ever happened.

She had a best friend which always visited her. I called her Nek Alus. Nek Alus lived near the riverside and was a poor, old woman. We even didn’t received any news from her children. So sad to listen.

And actually, Nek Alus was died a few days after I arrived from Labuan, when my grandma was bedridden.

My grandma suffered dementia since about 4 years ago. She talked nonsense, she ‘dropped’ everywhere, she couldn’t even manage herself. How sad her condition was. My mother was stressed when some of her siblings refused to help her. My father looked for a maid as a substitute. And, my father have to pay the maid’s salary, and buy my grandma’s necessities, and, well, our family’s needs. It is sad to remember how hard it is for my parents to keep her.

A year ago, she couldn’t walk, nor stand. She needed a wheelchair to move. A few weeks after that, she just can’t speak, and sooner, she was bedridden. Luckily for me, I could see her every day even though I was working from 9am to 10pm. And since then too, there is a big family gathering I never seen since she had dementia.

We sometimes made gatherings to just reunite the family together. We cook a lot and eat a lot then. Now, the house seems to be empty. No one in the house except my mum and my sister.

Sometimes, we invited people to come to the house for some rituals of prayer. Even an ustaz ever came to our house.

The fifth day of Eid is the day I left home for University of Malaya. I never thought it will be the last day I could see her face.

On Monday, 19 September, I went to the Perdanasiswa complex to manage my PTPTN loan, and sadly it is rejected. So I talked to my mum that maybe I just don’t need those loans. Well, then I went to the library to look for a maths textbook. I received a phone call, and I was shocked to hear my mum cried. My grandma passed away.

And that’s the end of my story. Don’t want to weep here, just pray that she will be safe in the Hereafter.


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Memories… 2010   Leave a comment

Memorable things in my life... I just can't forget them

Labuan Matriculation College… the place I hated the most. I hate the place, but sometimes hatred taught me something. I should treasure whatever memories I’ve been gone through. I am sad, and truly disappointed for my pointer- 3.46. not a good number to tell.

The picture shown above is a picture taken in my room, with my 16-year old teddy. There are my college ID, my transcript, my SPM certificate, the picture of my tutorial class, a keychain from a friend, a paper bag from a friend and two letters from two friends.

Whoever has a connection to any of the objects above (you know who you are) you are my besties 🙂

I’ll never forget all of you…


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A story of… APAM BALIK   Leave a comment

Apam balik. Two words originated in Malay roots. That’s my favourite snack, and I like to have it every day. It just like a pancake, with peanuts, sugar and sometimes Planta on it. I love apam balik so much.

There are a lot of stories about apam balik I have. Since 1986, apam balik made famous in Miri. There was a restaurant in Miri selling apam balik. It was famous that time until rapid urbanisation came to Miri. Finally, the restaurant is closed, and the owner moved to a stall near Tamu Muhibbah, where Mirians buy their daily necessities. Years passed. I don’t know where is the family right now.

But still, I can taste apam balik until now.

Back to a few days before I went back from Labuan, I met a man selling apam balik in the town. his apam balik is not that ordinary, but it is 18 inch in diameter!

An apam balik seller (or a couple of sellers). RM4 for each 18-inch apam balik... too cheap to be shared by 6 person.

He is an apam balik seller which sells apam balik for more than 20 years. We talked a lot then. He said that there was a circle of friends set up a small business, selling apam balik. After 6 years, the circle breaks , and then each of them tried to set up individually. Only one of them succeed- him.

His apam balik is quite different than the others. 18-inch apam balik with fistful of peanuts and sugar, and some Planta, and a little bit of banana flavour. I bought one, I brought it to the surau, and guess what? 6 persons, including me, were full.

Now, I am working. almost every day, I went to a stall near Boulevard, buying apam balik. I share the taste to everyone, because for me, the earth is just one.


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I’ve completed my matriculation course in 20th April 2011. Now, and yet, the history is past, and the reality i’ve to face is present.

I missed my friends and lecturers so much. I’ve been there for 11 months, and I learned a lot during that very short moment. Exams passes by, lectures are all completed, the joy fades, and it’s time to move on.

And yes, I have to move on.

I’ve a story to share. There’s a boy in the college. He is loud, cheerful, and rich with smiles. Everyone he sees will receive a big smile. Yet, he likes to smile to everyone. He is the Academic Exco in the Student Representatives. Well, he has good friends in the SR, and luckily he has good roommates.

Good times, unfortunately, doesn’t last that long.

27 June 2010, the moment he faced the biggest barrier in life came. After some messages received from his first love 2000 kilometers away, he began to cry. The self-confidence he gained in 17 years was lost in that very moment, but he still smiled at his friends. A lot of friends tried to help him, including a Chinese girl, his own vice-Exco. He felt very lonely, very heartless. He feels that he should die then. There is 200 suicide attempts he made, but thank God all are failed.

Counselors tried to help him for 16 times, but still there’s no solution. The depression he faced made him down for months, but it is also a factor for him to succeed. And he did it.

30th November 2010, all students are waiting to receive their transcript for the first semester examination. He have to work inside the hall, so he was the first 16 to receive the transcripts. And the result… 3.47. that’s the number he remembered until now. 4 of the SR members got 4.00 (the highest is 4.00). No problem, he thought. but pity him, the result turns him worse.

His roommates are all in the interval of 2.00 to 2.99. He was so sad. After one week, a roommate left the room. A week after, a roommate turned his face away from him. Every day in the room is like Hell. Japanese songs, comics, silly comments… all written by him on my locker. He hated him so much, until God gave him strength through advices from a Chinese girl. Yes, she is his own deputy Exco. She is very kind to him. She is the one who saved him from committing suicide on 10th January 2011.

Then, he realized something. “What will happen to her smile if I kill myself in this very moment?

She forced him to think positive and to promise her one thing- he won’t kill himself in whatever situation it is. From then, they became good friends. They support and advise each other. His life became better and calmer since then.

His roommate left the room in 21st April 2011. Without hugs and greetings, he left the room. The boy turned sad. Very, very sad. But life must go on, he thought.

He left the college the next day, 22nd April 2011. His good friend supposed to leave on the same day, but due to some reasons, she was not. The last thing he do to the girl is a 30-minute talk in the college. After a pat on his shoulder, he didn’t realize that it was the last time he will meet the friend he love the most. The last time he saw her face was on 8.45 pm in the same day in the airport.

Well, that is the saddest moment in his life. He wanted to cry, but tears will never wash down the sadness. His hope was only one then, to have hours more to talk to her.

Well, the boy is me.

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Hello world!   1 comment

Welcome to the official blog of the Founder of the Communist-Socialist Republic of  Queen Righty. I am Prince Righty 1, born in Monday, 9 November 1992/14 Jamadil Awal 1413/13 Cheshvan 5753. I founded the Queen Righty in 2007 and I am still the president of Queen Righty until now.

I like to have fun but I hate alcohol, cigarettes, sex, and anything else related. I like to befriend everyone and I never choose my friends. I like to read, but i hate books and magazines that made me stupid, inconvenient and gossipy. I like politics, but I hate the acts of the oppositions to topple down the government, AND OTHERWISE, unless they are loyal.

This blog is not about politics, and I establish it to share anything I’d like to share. I am not a communist or a capitalist or a socialist or a loyalist or a republican or a democrat or a progressive or a conservative or a leftist or a rightist or a centrist, but I am who I am.



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