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My actual name is Azizi Zamhari, A former student of SK Agama Miri, SM Sains Miri and Labuan Matriculation College. I was born on Monday, 9 November 1992/. I’m a Malaysian and always be a Malaysian. I am the current president of a micronation named Communist-Socialist Federation of Queen Righty and also the General secretary of the ruling United Righty Party. I started the CSRQR when I was 14, in 2007 and the idea started in my classroom. I declared the independence on Sunday, 1st April 2007.

I live in a city named Miri, nicknamed ‘Resort City’. It was ruled by the National Front- Sarawak United People’s Party (BN-SUPP) for almost 50 years, and now it has a newcomer, the Democratic Action Party (DAP). Despite the ruling party changed now, as my friend said to me, “politics are bad, hope is good”. I just know that there will be 3 new shopping complexes in construction right now.


Posted April 25, 2011 by princerighty1

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