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Legacy of JATTI MEIREK Tribe…   2 comments

Hi, everyone! =D

Sorry for not updating the blog for months. After matriculation, I went to a temporary job. Then, I feel really lost that I feel want to work again. On the 5th day of Eid, I left home for my beloved university where I’m doing applied chemistry, University of Malaya. Well, people come and go, and people live and die. I just never expected that I will never see my late grandmother after I left home. So, I dedicate this post to the late Hajah Semah binti Bejak (born 4 June 1925, died 19 September 2011).

She was a mother of 7 children (11 to be exact, 4 of them was dead) and a grandmother for 20 grandchildren, including me. She was a native speaker of Jatti Meirek language, which that most of the parts of the world just don’t know. There are just about 10,000 speakers of the languages, and most of them are residing in Miri.

I did some ‘research’ about the tribe actually, and it seems like the language is somewhat endangered. With only 10,000 speakers, and very small community have learned the language, it seems that (it is just my prediction) if it is not preserved and recovered, the language, the tribe and the legacy will disappear in maybe seven generations from now. The family of Daham bin Ott is one of the family that still using the language, until now.

Reflecting the history of my late grandma, she lived just beside my house, and we always had time together. I watched her selling cakes in front of my aunt’s house, and seldom, I helped her to sell the cakes, until the school bus arrived. She always complained to me that the kids who bought her cakes made her run out of coins. And, for sure I was her customer. Sometimes, she gave me free pulut panggang (grilled glutinous rice filled with shrimp sambal which cost around RM1 for four. Well, it was 10 years ago, when I was in primary school.

I saw her in her old age, she turned weak, and uncontrollable. I still remember she lost a lot of blood when she fell down a couple of years ago. She ever talked nonsense about her children and her relatives, but actually none has ever happened.

She had a best friend which always visited her. I called her Nek Alus. Nek Alus lived near the riverside and was a poor, old woman. We even didn’t received any news from her children. So sad to listen.

And actually, Nek Alus was died a few days after I arrived from Labuan, when my grandma was bedridden.

My grandma suffered dementia since about 4 years ago. She talked nonsense, she ‘dropped’ everywhere, she couldn’t even manage herself. How sad her condition was. My mother was stressed when some of her siblings refused to help her. My father looked for a maid as a substitute. And, my father have to pay the maid’s salary, and buy my grandma’s necessities, and, well, our family’s needs. It is sad to remember how hard it is for my parents to keep her.

A year ago, she couldn’t walk, nor stand. She needed a wheelchair to move. A few weeks after that, she just can’t speak, and sooner, she was bedridden. Luckily for me, I could see her every day even though I was working from 9am to 10pm. And since then too, there is a big family gathering I never seen since she had dementia.

We sometimes made gatherings to just reunite the family together. We cook a lot and eat a lot then. Now, the house seems to be empty. No one in the house except my mum and my sister.

Sometimes, we invited people to come to the house for some rituals of prayer. Even an ustaz ever came to our house.

The fifth day of Eid is the day I left home for University of Malaya. I never thought it will be the last day I could see her face.

On Monday, 19 September, I went to the Perdanasiswa complex to manage my PTPTN loan, and sadly it is rejected. So I talked to my mum that maybe I just don’t need those loans. Well, then I went to the library to look for a maths textbook. I received a phone call, and I was shocked to hear my mum cried. My grandma passed away.

And that’s the end of my story. Don’t want to weep here, just pray that she will be safe in the Hereafter.



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