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28 June 2010, 12.45pm

Dear Fatin…
I remembered the moment I reveal my biggest secret, and I also remembered the moment you do the same. The 1-hour call changed me a lot. I just can’t forget how I feel that moment.
I was attending a camp. Everything was OK, but one.
I hope you understand how do I feel and how I suffer from my own mistake, and most of all, you understand why do I feel so ashamed of myself.
It starts when I fell in love with you. The day I left Jugra is the first day I have to live without seeing your face. Remember what I wrote in EVERYTHING IS A REASON? I waited you at 3 o’clock and you didn’t come. Zu replaced you, and giving me a bag of gift inside. I was surprised, you gave me Cheezels. I love Cheezels.
I was so confident that I can get straight A’s. Sadly, I wasn’t. We both apply the scholarship for overseas study. You got it, and I’m not. I was mourning and you were happy. My mum was trying not to remember and my dad made me mad all the times, opposing me, until now.
During the days, I always shouted my parents on the phone. I spent most of my credit on you. I’d nobody except you.
I feel a little relieved when i was in Labuan. I was away from my parents. But, I was so disappointed that you got the opportunity to study overseas. since then, I often went to the cyber cafe, and surf for information on US universities. Sadly, I feel down because it is not my fate to have the same chance as you. I eagerly forced my parents to send me away. I feel that I want to run away from Malaysia since then.
And days passed by, and the moment came.
You said that you have a boyfriend.
I really feel down until now despite some friends actually helped me. WH, for example, is the one who help me through the hard times. I feel very disappointed and terrible. I started to shun myself from thinking about anyone. I really feel sorry to my parents. I just shout and say bad words to them. I hated them. And I hated myself so much. I went to the counselor for help for 16 times, but nothing happened. I feel so heartless until now.
Dear Fatin,
actually I worried about you, honestly. I worried about being apart with the one I love the most. I don’t want to lose you. I understand how hard you try to achieve and grab what you want. I ever imagined how hard your life will be when you are there. I ever imagined how hard my life will be without you. And the most of all, I EVER IMAGINED HOW DARK MY FUTURE WILL BE. I hope you understand how hard I regain back my teenage years.

Yours sincerely,
HRH Prince Righty I

P.S: Fatin, I really hope that you pray for my success. Please don’t let me down… I really want to be beside you, facing ups and downs together. Forgive me… 143T.T


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Memorable things in my life... I just can't forget them

Labuan Matriculation College… the place I hated the most. I hate the place, but sometimes hatred taught me something. I should treasure whatever memories I’ve been gone through. I am sad, and truly disappointed for my pointer- 3.46. not a good number to tell.

The picture shown above is a picture taken in my room, with my 16-year old teddy. There are my college ID, my transcript, my SPM certificate, the picture of my tutorial class, a keychain from a friend, a paper bag from a friend and two letters from two friends.

Whoever has a connection to any of the objects above (you know who you are) you are my besties 🙂

I’ll never forget all of you…


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Apam balik. Two words originated in Malay roots. That’s my favourite snack, and I like to have it every day. It just like a pancake, with peanuts, sugar and sometimes Planta on it. I love apam balik so much.

There are a lot of stories about apam balik I have. Since 1986, apam balik made famous in Miri. There was a restaurant in Miri selling apam balik. It was famous that time until rapid urbanisation came to Miri. Finally, the restaurant is closed, and the owner moved to a stall near Tamu Muhibbah, where Mirians buy their daily necessities. Years passed. I don’t know where is the family right now.

But still, I can taste apam balik until now.

Back to a few days before I went back from Labuan, I met a man selling apam balik in the town. his apam balik is not that ordinary, but it is 18 inch in diameter!

An apam balik seller (or a couple of sellers). RM4 for each 18-inch apam balik... too cheap to be shared by 6 person.

He is an apam balik seller which sells apam balik for more than 20 years. We talked a lot then. He said that there was a circle of friends set up a small business, selling apam balik. After 6 years, the circle breaks , and then each of them tried to set up individually. Only one of them succeed- him.

His apam balik is quite different than the others. 18-inch apam balik with fistful of peanuts and sugar, and some Planta, and a little bit of banana flavour. I bought one, I brought it to the surau, and guess what? 6 persons, including me, were full.

Now, I am working. almost every day, I went to a stall near Boulevard, buying apam balik. I share the taste to everyone, because for me, the earth is just one.


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